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Junior Lessons

Learn to swim at Wigton Baths.

Join our junior group lessons.

Places available for children aged 4+.

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One to one

Learn to swim in a one to one session with one of our swimming teachers. Learn from scratch or refresh your knowledge.

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Swimming Assessment

We offer free swimming assessments for children who can already swim and are looking to join our next swimming lesson programme.

Learning to Swim



Children's Lessons

- Pay Per Term

- Pay As You Go



Lessons are held once a week in Term Time. 

Each lesson is 30 minutes long.

Lesson options:

- Adult Lessons

- Children's Lessons

- 1 to 1

- 1 to 2

One to One Lessons

- 1 to 1 x1

- 2 to 1 x1

- 1 to 1 x5

- 1 to 1 x10






Badges and certificates


Crash Course


Lessons Enquiry Form

Type of lesson

Thanks for completing this form. Someone will contact you soon. 

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