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Wigton Swim Club

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'Wigton Swim Club' meets weekly on a Wednesday evening: 6.15 - 8.15 pm

Our club is ran by volunteers (all have ASA swim qualifications ) who all have a love for swimming and wish for every child to be able to swim competently. 

We have over 60 swimmers ranging from age 5 to 18; we teach them to swim, to become competent  on all four strokes, to dive and to feel confident in the water. Should they wish to compete we  introduce them to a competitive club. 

We see swimming as a life skill that children can continue enjoying all their lives. 

Swimmers progress through the classes by achieving specific times which give them targets to train for each week. 

Fees - swimmers pay both 

  • a yearly membership, presently £25 (2023), and

  • a monthly training fee £11 half hour, £15 55 min session (2023).

The swimmers enjoy the social side of the swim club, many making friends from different schools to their own.

Should you wish to chat to us about your child joining our club please contact us:

What Wigton Swim Club swimmers and parents think:

"I started as a beginner at 6 years old at Wigton Swim Club and have enjoyed the friendly yet competitive atmosphere it offers I still enjoy attending at the age of 17."



"All three of my children attend swim club and look forward to attending every week! The coaches are all fantastic, they are all extremely knowledgeable in how to teach the correct swimming technique and do this in a friendly , fun and supportive manner. My children are all extremely confident in the water and this is thanks to swim club!" 



"I love going to swim club because I get to learn all the different ways to swim. Its fun to swim with friends and I like to do timings to see how I’ve improved."



"Wigton Baths is a much needed and much loved community asset.  My mum used to take me to Wigton Swim Cub sessions every Friday night back in the 80s. Now I bring my three children to Wigton Baths to the same Swim Club and the only thing that’s changed is that it’s now held on a Wednesday night.  My mum (now grandma) still loves watching and it’s amazing that forty years on the club is still going strong.  A local asset which has been very well used and is very much appreciated by our family."

(Sara Dawson)


"The pool is really good and I love it when the inflatables are out."

(Edward Dawson, 12)


"I love Wigton Baths as I’ve met lots of new friends at the Swim Club and we have fun learning to swim fast." 

(Mariella Dawson, 7)


"I’m very good at diving because I practise at the pool with my coach. I really enjoy swimming at Wigton Baths." 

(Robert Dawson, 10)

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